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This is another good one. Many say you can make a coffee scrub at home but most don’t realize is that it also has a lot of salt for the scrub part. Years ago doctors would tell you if you had bad skin to go to the beach and get your face in the water. You would then let it dry and do it again. They also said to take a gallon home with you and use it every morning and night. Now think about that. We are being told so many beaches have poop logs floating in them! Do you want that on your face? My daughter was swimming in the ocean and a log rolled past her head! I said, RUN!! Everyone thought there was a shark! It wasn’t a shark it was a shart! Nasty! The moral of my story is you need this mask! This mask is both a scrub and a mask. This is made with coffee and mud. The caffeine and coffee extract will remove impurities. This will also brighten the skin. After scrubbing you can leave it on for 15 minutes as your mask. Good stuff!

2 in 1 Refining Mask and scrub

SKU: 7924010
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