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Right now the sale is on until the 16th? HOT24 gives you half off. All books will be shipped media mail. If media mail is not available out if the country I will tell you what shipping costs. I’m going to check in the next few days if there is media mail out of the USA. If you order other items they will be shipped in another package. The postal service does open media mail to make sure your shipping JUST books, mags, video etc.

These are a bunch of good info. What you see on the first page is not all that’s in each one. These give into on all kinds of stuff from healing, herbs, crystals, anxiety, spells etc. I put them at 15.00 because I figure if they don’t sell it’s the one thing I don’t mind keeping. All are brand new and unopened. You only need a ringed binder to keep them in. The one picture shows you how much each one of these packages cost. They were not cheap. I do highly suggest these and I will leave them on for two weeks and then remove and keep them. They are really good! If I keep them they go to my hidden walls of my prepping house! Why these may not be metaphysical or paranormal they are great to have as reference!

Binder info, Amazing!!! 6

SKU: Blu8
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