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Why should you buy and high end brand of eyeshadow? There IS. Difference! It’s how it goes on, does it flake, does it stay, does it crease? Is it good for your skin or have great ingredients? The answer is always yes! The feel of this eyeshadow by Dior will change the way you look and how you feel about high end products. This regularly runs about 70? Maybe 65 but I do think more. Think about why Pat McGrath eyeshadow is 125.00 and up? It’s good stuff! Hers is more expensive because those palettes have a few more colors. This has 6 which is all you need to bat those lashes and look extremely classy! You too can have the face of a good looking model. I say that because let’s be honest, some just don’t look that great. You will look better!

Dior Nude Dress Eyeshadow Palette

SKU: 51324020
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