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This is huge! The box is bigger than what a dozen roses would come in. This isn’t sold in stores and is a promo, extremely hard to get. You will see something that looks like it on EBay for 189 plus shipping but that’s not this! Theirs is a drawstring bag. This is a large heavy duty bag signed and has the body and face cream along with the Dior color revival glow lipstick. That’s made for anyone to wear. It gives a glow of sheer color and enhances the lips. Trust me, you can wear it. The round container of squeeze out lotion can be used on both body and face too. Thats normally not how lotion is used but this one you can. This you won’t find in stores so for a gift, this is impressive! Don’t forget, spell casting is free, shipping is free and we have layaway!

Dior Set, Can’t get this in the stores

SKU: 51324032
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