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The warm, spicy and soft fragrance of Ode to Dullness is a fascinating fragrance for women from the house of Juliette Has A Gun. Introduced in 2023, this perfume features notes from sandalwood, star anise, tonka bean and cashmere wood for a fragrance that is truly captivating.

This is a spray sample size and it’s fresh. This and all the perfumes that will go on tonight are done for sexual pleasure with or without a mate. These will also produce high levels of the happy chemical which is good for your body. All of my samples are the cheapest you will find as many charge up to 10.00 for one single sample. The average is 8.00 plus shipping. So 5.00 and no shipping. If you are out of the country make sure you have 100 in your cart or pay the shipping. You can buy across all the websites until you hit it, that’s okay to do.

Juliette has a gun. Ode to dullness

SKU: 21724032
  • Sample that causes happy pleasure

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