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Hello everyone! I wanted to start out with some pictures of people selling on Mercari. These items are used but I want you to look at the prices! This shows you my stuff is brand new but way below pricing. I do have the best deals. Also you pay shipping with them, add that up and you will see, shop with me! I will be listing a few expired items today but you will be told they are expired. All of those I personally tested and they are fine! But either way, it’s my duty to tell you if something is expired and I will sure do that. Of course even though it’s good I will lower the price! If you are out of the country, keep in mind it’s no less than 24.00 for me to just send you a 2 once package. This is why there is a minimum of a 100 purchase to send out of the country. You can buy across websites to make the 100 or purchase and I can hold it until you reach that. Thank you all so much.

This is expired but I tested it on myself. It’s as good as the day it was made. This is Aquaphor. It’s a healing clear heavy duty cream for injured and dry skin. This is a sample size. A sample runs about 2.50 plus shipping. It will be .75 here.

Only selling the Aquaphor

SKU: 652401
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