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This roller perfume is a delicately floral and verdant scent with top notes of juicy fruits, mandarin, red currant, and pear settle beautifully into heart notes of rose, geranium, oakmoss, and thyme. Ophelia's altar lingers on the skin and in the mind through its base notes of white tea, balsam, sandalwood, rhubarb and amber. All coming together to create a complex floral perfume that will surely befuddle and beguile.

Top notes: mandarin, red currant, pear, grapefruit.

Heart notes: thyme, oakmoss, ginger, rose, geranium, rhubarb.

Base notes: white tea, musk, balsam, sandalwood, amber.

Ingredients: perfume oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil.

Ophelia’s Alter

SKU: 4124088
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