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Hello everyone! I wanted to start out with some pictures of people selling on Mercari. These items are used but I want you to look at the prices! This shows you my stuff is brand new but way below pricing. I do have the best deals. Also you pay shipping with them, add that up and you will see, shop with me! I will be listing a few expired items today but you will be told they are expired. All of those I personally tested and they are fine! But either way, it’s my duty to tell you if something is expired and I will sure do that. Of course even though it’s good I will lower the price! If you are out of the country, keep in mind it’s no less than 24.00 for me to just send you a 2 once package. This is why there is a minimum of a 100 purchase to send out of the country. You can buy across websites to make the 100 or purchase and I can hold it until you reach that. Thank you all so much.

The real deal and they smell delicious. One is a salted caramel and vanilla I think. That’s not something I would think would smell good. I was dead wrong! It really surprised me. It was delicious smelling. If you know what these cost, you know my price is good. Full size on all of these. Just blow up the pic to see the scent.

These all smell divine. This is the one I thought wouldn’t, I was dead wrong! Buy it and see. I do have dupes too I can put on for way less the price. They smell the same. This is the real thing.

So De Janerio full size # 62 pistachio, salted caramel , etc

SKU: 652408
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