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This lipstick is like the others except this two( I have 2 of them) do a speak and spell as well as a hypnotic. Currently along with everything else we are working on eye shadow palettes that will cause sexual desire and bewitching with the look of your eyes. The first set of those didn’t work so I had to use a fire spell. As soon as the extras come back and I hear good results those will be in. I really wanted to use Pat McGrath for the eye shadow pallets but as most of you know they are expensive. I have most of them but I use them. I won’t sell used cosmetics. If I test something on my wrist I will tell you. Usually I buy multiples and do them at once. Then I take 3 to five of them and give one to a person who is bipolar and others to random testers. The unused I keep to put on when the results come in. On the serum I just put on I would have had 4 to sell but those were coveted big time! I usually don’t keep much but I kept one too. I used it again this morning and I do love it because it’s non greasy. Plus it lifts and while I have zero wrinkles and clear skin I want to keep it that way. Now about this lipstick. I have included images from Sephora of Charlotte Tilbury’s eye shadow palette. The one I’m showing is the one I have. The pinky natural sparkling color is like this lipstick. Look at the girls eyes. It’s the best way to describe this color without me testing it on my wrist. Then if you look at the lipstick from Sephora you will see it on a white girl and a black girl. Take that color and add a little sparkle to it and it looks like that. If someone wants me to test it for you on my wrist, I can but then it has been swiped down technically not new. I have two of these and they definitely are not reds so if you want some color that will be able to be worn anywhere plus some sparkle then this is a good one.

Speak & Spell + Hypnotic

SKU: 21724031
  • The sparkling lipstick shown in a garden. Other pictures are of Charlotte Tilbury’s eye shadow for color reference only.

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