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The pieces that we are listing today are all $15.00.  They are all Betsey Johson pieces that would originally retail for between $45.00 and $75.00.  We are selling them for $15.00.  Even without the magic added you could turn a profit, but we would wager with the fresh, new magic that these pieces offer you'd rather keep them for yourself.  We have been working feverishly trying to prepare all of these pieces by adding the most unique types of magic to them.  Enjoy!    

I just want to be clear, when I say transformation, I don't mean an actual transformation service.  We just didn't really have another way to describe it.  It holds Anatalolia Magic that allows you to transform your life.  With this piece you will get to pick one way that you want your life to be different-- and then let it transform.  

The Butterfly Effect

SKU: 7162102
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