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This is Too Faced Cosmic Crush a gorgeous palette! These are your colors. Milky Way, Cosmic Crush, Twinkle Twinkle, Big Bang, Outa This World, Star Light, Moonglow, Orbit, Superstar, Frost-in-Space, Ultra-Violet, Two Spaced, Inter-Stellar, Hyper-Nova, Total Eclipse, Blast Off. That is a big palette! You get glorious shimmers, beautifully matte colors but you get multiple options. Now here is what this is going for elsewhere. 50, 39, 29, 25 and a lot of those are used. So I feel 25.00 is a more than amazing price for this palette! Now, here is a good part. You can’t pick what or how you want this cast. We did this for eye color change. There is a catch! I can’t guarantee it. During testing of the other palettes ( I have two more) it worked half the time! So it’s a flip of the coin on this one but we wanted to try.

Too Faced Cosmic Crush

SKU: 782401
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