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About Us

Welcome to Supernatural Supermarket.


Come stroll our aisles of paranormal and magical produce/ products. You can find items holding spirits, charms and ageless magic. 

Supernatural Supermarket is a discount store where most items are tested but some are not. If an item is not tested we will add it to the description. The inexpensive prices are a reflection of the millions of items we have that we don’t have time to write multiple paragraphs on. Some pieces are inexpensive because they are costume jewelry we don’t wish to put on our other sites. Sometimes you will find them here simply because we decided to place them on sale.

ALL of the info we are willing to give you or know will be in the description. Please don’t ask for more info. Requests for more info will go unanswered. 

Shipping. Out of the country shipping can take a very long time. I myself am currently waiting on one item from China that has now been three months. The item is sitting in customs, please have patience. 

There are no returns due to COVID 19. Make sure you want the item and can afford it. Don’t come back in a few months saying you over spent. You are an adult, with a brain, please use it. We will not and can not hold your hand. If you need a life coach I can do that for you. It is very expensive as time is money. I’m rough! If you are used to the everyone gets a trophy, you probably don’t want me. 

We will combine shipping with our other websites. These sites are

Please sign up for our newsletter which can be found on to informed of sales and new items. 

Please note these piece are for pleasure, entertainment and scientific purposes. 

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