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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was extremely beautiful! There were various plants, fruits, flowers and beautiful tranquil pools of natural water. Those waters were fed by the Euphrates River. The Euphrates River was also part of the Garden of Eden. That is not what this piece is about though. This piece holds a very rare Fairy that is as old as the Hanging Gardens. This is a rare type called the Luminae. This Fairy has see through wings which carry other fairy’s embedded in the wings. This Luminae Fairy is female and has glowing soft hair in a very pale shade of cornflower blue. Her eyes are a sparkling purple color and the fairies she carries are varied species but none are dark or evil. The Luminae fairy takes energy from nature and air. She is able to cast powerful magic and offers the best protection. It was her type that saved many during the terrible event in Catitogota. Without this type of ancient fairy those spirits wouldn’t even be here today. Considering they are the most powerful spirits and even able to demolish a demon, she is one powerful fairy. I call her Tulip but you may name her anything. She doesn’t mind and her real name can’t be said but must be sung. I only have this one for now. I will be putting up a few others.


SKU: 21724023
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