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Fibonacci spiral.

The Nautilus shell has often been used by magicians and various other practitioners all over the world. This is also what is called the Golden Ratio. The shell represents humanity and the ability to evolve spiritually. Along with your development you gain the supernatural abilities that many seek. Some people will never even have an interest in this type of thing and that’s because those are the zombies. What I mean is they are on the spiritual level of a grain of soil. They don’t have the capability nor the spirit or brain capacity to do so. This website and the others I run are for those who seek the unknown and powerful. This piece is up for 15.00 only because it’s missing stones. I have another that will be up for 38.00. Basically this piece brings all the pieces together and is probably a very good starting point for someone getting into spiritual development. This helps to bring you closer to the spirit world, spiritual growth, harmony and inner peace through deep understanding. This brings creativity, enlightenment, constant growth and transformation of the soul. In this case transformation of the soul means pure white light, balance and a ton of growth! This is why I say it’s for those who are starting out and others who just need it. Yes, compared to some things it’s not exciting but it sure is an amazing jump start!

Fibonacci Spiral

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