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Please read the rules of engagement for these items.

You will learn how you can use these and how to buy them. When you see the break in writing that’s when you will learn about that particular item/items. WE HAVE MANY OF THESE. YOU MAY NOT GET WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PICTURE. The pictures you see gives you an idea of the types of transferable vessel we send out. Everything you are looking at is a finished piece but we have hundreds of them. For example the bracelet in green is for getting a well paying job. The necklace with blue and ombré colored beads is for healing and drawing out illness. That is just an example. Most of the jewelry is name brand and a lot even designer. All jewelry is costume and not made of real silver or gold. These are various spelled items. As I’m sure you know spells go from 20/25 up to or over a 1,000. Even paying that price you get nothing. The seller can say they did it but you won’t know. You are getting something much better here! As most of you know I don’t sell spell cast stuff because of my belief in intentions. These items have a work around. The spell work is done and taken very seriously. The correct work is done according to what the spell type is. All spell types are very different in how you need to proceed. You will get a vessel because you hold more intentions then I do for YOUR purpose! Once you get the vessel you can transfer it to anything you want. If you want to transfer it. If you don’t want to all you need to do is hold that item in your hands or wear it. That is it! You are looking to make contact with your skin because you have your own energy and your energy is the finishing touch on the spell and also what activates it. These are not low key or wait forever pieces but good strong mind magic, aka spells! How to buy. This is very important that you read and understand. Reread it if you have to. With costs going up including shipping, packing supplies and even labels we don’t want to up our prices. Instead there is an easier way. With these prices there is something for everyone but we need to be able to ship it to you. If you are out of the country you need to buy 20 items or combine with another order or pay shipping. Out of the country for one item can cost over 35.00 in shipping alone. If you are in the country 10 of these items or combine with another item. You may also buy one or more than one of these and I can hold them until you have the correct amount to ship. Either way you do it you are getting the inexpensive fully powered items with out me raising costs. If you have other items not shipped on another site, I will just combine.

Aphrodites Love spell.

For your arsenal 17

SKU: Spellbox17
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