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You can receive 25 percent off for the next 7 days only using cash app. You can use this discount on anything on any website. To use it, email or text the link to what you want. I will take the 25 percent off and invoice you. Once it’s paid it will be removed. Then you will text or email me your mailing address AND name. At the end of 7 days everyone will be shipped. Your bag will stay open until the end of the 7 days.

And now this.

These light balls bring only good things to life! These are actually real crystal balls on your finger. Have size, 10,11 and 7. These will draw only the good spirits to you. You may call for who you want and from my experience it takes a few hours or days, it depends. You can’t keep these spirits or trap them. You can talk to them and see them form inside the crystal. Talking is both hearing and through telepathy. It’s all at the same time. Note, I have seen more spirits come to those who know them! In all tests it was about 50/50. Meaning that you are more likely to get a passed on relative even if you never knew them. The other 50 is random or who you call for but there is also a multidimensional constant wave of protection on these. This protection will not allow anything with bad intentions or evil to get through.


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