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I have tested this serum after we did a little hoodoo to it. This is a lifting and anti-aging serum. We pounded out a new moon spell and combined that with a fire spell including heavy duty intentions. It works! This was tested before and after magic was added to it. First off this is not greasy at all! You will be able to apply your makeup after using it with no icky stuff on your face. It DOES lift!! You do not need a lot but I’m the type that makes sure everything is covered! I still didn’t even use a dropper full. I put it on my checks, nose, under eyes, forehead and neck. I also did around my mouth. Nothing was greasy and my skin felt fine. I could notice a more smooth complexion. If you used this every day once a day I would guess it would last two months? I’m using at least half a dropper? All I can say is I’m happy with my hopped up creation. I only have two because the other one is mine.

Hoodoo Serum

SKU: 21724030
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