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This is the one I hoard! I first bought the small travel spray bottle which was 48 I think on Sephora. Then Lindy stole it from me because she loved it so much but so did I! So I bought another travel size because it’s so darn expensive! At Christmas I got her the carafe which is 1,000 dollars you know she shrined it! So I bought her the 495.00 bottle. What does she use? My other 48.00 travel size. Trust me, this is a very sexy scent! It lasts too. They just came out with another private line called the Narcotics. I Must try them! If you would like a sample before buying they are 5.00 I might have the sample your interested in. I can look. I know I have this one. The price is more than half off regular price and it’s the real deal!

Kilian Angels Share! Divine!

SKU: 6524023
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