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You can receive 25 percent off for the next 7 days only using cash app. You can use this discount on anything on any website. To use it, email or text the link to what you want. I will take the 25 percent off and invoice you. Once it’s paid it will be removed. Then you will text or email me your mailing address AND name. At the end of 7 days everyone will be shipped. Your bag will stay open until the end of the 7 days.

Now this.

These are seriously impressive! These were made using a spirit and I did record the session. All these sessions will be placed on YouTube hopefully tonight. To do these things you open a gateway but usually we don’t record it because for you guys to hear it can be hard. When you listen to them I may sound annoying because I often ask the spirit to “ please repeat that”. I fully understand what they are saying as I hear them in a different way. I will post a blog posting about this on it will say spirit recordings. The energy and supernatural ability of these rings was done by the spirit. I will do some in sterling later on. These will give you a chance to try them. These rings do spirit writing so you may communicate with the spirits. All you do is place the ring on any finger or finger tip. If you are afraid they won’t fit you I did do some crystal bracelets so just ask. Once you have the ring on you lay any pencil in your hand and lightly tighten your hand only to the point of where the pencil won’t fall out. When the spirit is ready allow your hand to move. It can be slow at first and then move rapidly or just stay slow, it doesn’t matter. Don’t think it’s you moving the pencil, it’s not! For those who get impatient, do not buy this. If you have patience it’s really amazing! You get full communication from these and the more you use them, the better. You can ask questions and get full answers but to start just relax and let the spirit take your hand. You will get one random ring.

Let The Spirit Take Your Hand

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