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Masquerade, Your Eyes Wide Open

Wouldn’t you like to really know what goes on in certain meetings? What if you could know all that the WEF was talking about or their plans for you?

What about the G20 summit? United Nations anyone? Global health summits? What about the well hidden by a dimensional walk in NYC? You hop on an elevator to an entire new dimension. Yes it’s real! Do you have any idea just what FEMA talks about? What about all those coffins and all the empty prisons they bought? If you don’t believe me even Clinton spoke about it. He just said they were to protect us. Yet, the gun towers are pointed inward. Yes I have been there and broken in! I have seen huge crematories. Who are they planned for? Like in WW2 when flyers were dropped by planes in Florida I got one. You know what it said? It said that guillotines were found in Walmart trucks by a farmer headed out to one of the FEMA prisons. Now you don’t have to believe me, it does sound crazy! But, think back to when that terrible hurricane hit New Orleans. FEMA was called it but had nothing to offer. Thats because they are not there to help you. They are there to imprison you at the proper time. Think it can’t happen? Well, what happened to the Japanese who had nothing to do with the war. Think back to Hitler. We knew it was going on but did nothing until the Russians got involved. Here in NJ we had bund camps. We were training young children to be Nazi’s. Some of our roads are racial slurs against Jews. These pieces allow you to look in and see and hear what’s going on. If you think Alex Jones brought you that news, now you can be there. I went through the dimensional door in NYC. Trust me these are not good people and they can control time. Going through a dimensional door in physical body and not astral will at first scare you. You think what if I can’t get back, but you do! Do not worry even though I know you will. Your body and soul is designed to be here. They have souls not like ours. They are black pressing death onto others. The auras are black with no light to be seen. We are to be slaves to work and made to obey. Learn all about it with these pieces. Yes another virus/ illness is coming. I bet money on it, I have seen it.

Masquerade, Your Eyes Wide Open

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