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Wrap it & Pack it Tight

THIS IS NOT THE RING. You are getting the bracelet in the picture.

This ring is made for those who need one spell cast for them that is going to work! Many people don’t realize that regular spell cast items for a specific person usually don’t work. I’m going to write something up on this so people fully understand. What is truly needed in a regular cast spell to work for you when being done for you is YOUR intentions! No one but you knows how badly you want or need something. No one but YOU has your energy and desire! This ring takes care of that. You MUST wear this ring on your finger or HOLD IT. This only needs to be done when casting your spell out in the universe. Do you need to know the words of a certain spell you want? No! You are wearing or holding this ring when you vocally throw your desire or wishes out there. That is it! This is another great piece for those just starting off or for those who want to cast spells. I don’t think I explained this properly so to be sure you can use this multiple times. The size is shown on the ring size. Again if it’s not your size it’s okay because you can hold it. I will also be adding a bracelet that does the same thing.

Wrap it & Pack it Tight. 2 Bracelet

SKU: 21724018
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