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These bracelets were made by Victor and the spirit woman he married. She has access to angels. Long ago she found out that she would play a various serious role in soon to come times. These bracelets are not made of silver or gold and that was by design. She didn’t want anything like this stolen. These were to go to those that the uppers considered the lower classes. These are who will need them the most. These turn your hands into angelic hands. Hands that can heal, see into the body psychically and give intuition. Healing WILL take place! You wear this and anyone can wear it, big wrist, small wrist, male or female wrist. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. The rhinestones are there for a reason. Victor had to specifically look for these. You only wear them when using them. You make use it to shake someone’s hand and KNOW if they are good or bad, evil or white light. This is valuable in life!

Your Hands Become Angelic Hands

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